Best Selling Phone Oppo F19S – How To Buy An Affordable Smart Phone?


If you have an Android phone, it’s time to buy Oppo F19S for your phone. The Oppo F19S is coming out soon and it will be a revolutionary phone. I think you should buy it right now and I’ll explain why. This review will also help you decide if you should wait for the Oppo F22S or if you should go ahead and get the F19S. When you decide, you can save money.

Right now the Android operating system that Google has developed is still new and it isn’t complete. When it is finally released in October next year, android will no longer be based on the Linux kernel, instead it will be based on the Windows kernel. The OPPO F19S will be the latest operating system for phones in India and it is expected to be a ground breaking phone. oppo f19s

When it comes to power, the Oppo F19S is going to have the largest battery of any smartphone currently on the market. I’m not sure how much additional battery life the phone is going to have after it has run out of charge, but it should have more than enough to last you through a full day. Android apps such as Google Maps offer a lot of interactive information and the F19S will make it easier to navigate the map on the fly.

The camera on the Oppo F19S is the same one used in the Flip Ultra HD. I’m not too impressed with the quality of the cameras on the Flip and in this review I’ll try and explain why. The F19S has a very large f/stop ratio, so if you want a fast shutter speed than you’re going to need a powerful enough camera. The pixel count of the camera is also quite large compared to the other phones in the market which can come back to haunt you if you don’t have a suitable memory card for the phone.

The Oppo F19S is available from all leading mobile phone stores in India including Vodafone, Spice, Reliksha, Three and mobiles retailer INRIA. You can buy the unlocked Oppo F19S from Amazon forRs 15000 approx which should give you good value. If you want to buy from an Indian retailer, you’ll probably find that the prices start coming down once you cross the SIM card factor. Keep in mind that unlocked phones are only available from some of these retailers and others may not sell unlocked phones at all.

Overall I would recommend the Oppo F19S for anyone looking to buy a smartphone in India at a decent price, especially if you’re looking for the best deal in the industry. It’s relatively cheap as it only costs about Rs 15000, which is still more than most recent smartphones in the market. I think the best thing about the Oppo F19S is the fact that it runs on the Windows operating system which is a rarity these days since most smartphones use Windows Mobile.